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Joyce Kilmer Slickrock Wilderness
Comprised of some 17,000 acres on the North Carolina / TennesseeHangover
 border, the "Slickrock" as it is known locally, is an example of primitive Eastern mountain area.  As the name inplies, it is maintained as "wilderness", meaning that trails are minimally maintained, with no blazes allowed.  Small, unobtrusive wooden signs are located at trail junctions, but hikers must know how to read maps and use a compass to traverse the area.  It is quite rugged, with few opportunities for off-trail travel.Nichols Cove Trail
 Experienced hikers can become easily confused in the area, and it is not recommended as a "first" backpacking trip.  That being said, however, experienced hikers love the area.  The long-distance Benton MacKaye Trail generally follows the eastern  edge of the area, and is easily followed, while other trails are often quite indistinct.  Primitive camping is permitted throughout the area, but please follow Leave-No-Trace principles during your trip.  Map and guidebook information are in the "Area Information" link.

In Late October and November, the area is a mecca for bear hunters, and hog hunters find the area quite rewarding.  Most fly fishermen enter the area from the Slickrock Trailhead to try their luck on the small, but wily trout in the streams of the View of Hangoverarea.Hangover View

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